S15137 s12271 可視~赤外測光用Siフォトダイオード

S15137 s12271 可視~赤外測光用Siフォトダイオード


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S15137 は、YAG レーザー (1.06 µm) 用に開発された Si PIN フォトダイオードです。 1.06μmでの受光感度は0.57A/W(typ.)と従来品に比べ約1.5倍向上しました。 PIN構造により高速応答、低容量が可能です。 受光面がφ5mmと広いので光軸合わせが容易です。

S15137 s12271 可視~赤外測光用Siフォトダイオード


  • 起源: Jp (原点)

Si photodiode for visible to infrared photometry

The S15137 is a Si PIN photodiode developed for YAG lasers (1.06 µm). The photosensitivity at 1.06 µm is 0.57 A/W (typ.), which is about 1.5 times higher than that of previous products. The PIN structure allows high-speed response and low capacitance. The photosensitive area is as large as φ5 mm, making optical axis alignment easier.

-High sensitivity in infrared region: 0.57 A/W (λ=1.06 µm)
-High-speed response: tr=12.5 ns (VR=100 V)
-Low capacitance: Ct=10 pF (VR=100 V)
-Large photosensitive area: φ5 mm
-High reliability: TO-8 metal package



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